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We excel at connecting our students with exceptional internship programmes, providing them with valuable opportunities to enhance their skills and shape their future careers.

Internship Opportunities Connecting Students with Diverse Sectors

Embark on a journey of exploration across diverse sectors, where you'll gain invaluable experience and unlock limitless career prospects!

No. of internships identified for students
No. of internships providers
Diverse opportunities in the areas of:
  • Accounting
  • Art & Culture
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Civil Service
  • Community, Social &
       Personal Services
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Technology
Internship providers includes:
Mill MILK, Dcard, Hong Kong Disneyland, Klook Travel, Jardine Airport Services Limited, Japan Airlines, Oxford University Press, U.S. Consulate-General Hong Kong & Macau, Tencent Holdings Limited, HSBC Hong Kong, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Christie’s Hong Kong, HKT, British Council......and more!

Networking Opportunities

Practical Skill Development


and Self-Discovery



Potential Career Path Exploration 

The Faculty of Arts provides both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing internships. For the full list of Internship Providers, please click here.

Student Experience

Partners’ Stories

Hyogo Business &

Tourism Centre

Every summer, we accept Japanese Studies students from HKU in our internship programme. We highly appreciate the continuous support from HKU and the excellent students.

Affordable Art Fair

Hong Kong

HKU Arts has always provided us with diligent and dedicated students, whose extraordinary commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence have been pivotal in driving the success of the Affordable Art Fair over the past years.

BCW Global

We have been indeed impressed by HKU Arts students during the past years for their talents and good morale.
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