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Experience at Arts

The Faculty of Arts has always been a home to countless bright and passionate students from all over the world. Here, students not only have the chance to be exposed to diverse thoughts and engage in discussions with other sharp minds, but they can also broaden their horizons through various experiential learning opportunities such as overseas exchange, field trips to various countries and abundant internship programmes. We are delighted to introduce you to some of our current students who will share their unique perspectives, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable moments from their time at the University of Hong Kong.

Bushara Yusef Bushara

Yusef Profile
BA Year 4, major in English Studies
Sciences Po-HKU dual degree programme


My name is Yusef, and I’m a fourth year student at HKU, although it is my only second year in Hong Kong. I’m enrolled in the Sciences Po-HKU dual degree programme so my first two years were spent in the south of France, in a small town called Menton.

I’ve deeply enjoyed being an English Studies major because it’s given me the opportunity to explore the “personal” in my creative writing. I appreciate the freedom given to us to write freely and creatively for many of the courses. I’ve always known writing makes me happy, but finding out that I could access that joy through the Arts Faculty at HKU has really allowed that interest to flourish. 

Chang Reese Kwan

BA Year 2, major in Global Creative Industries
and Art History

As an international student pursuing a double major in Global Creative Industries and Art History at HKU, my academic journey has been both enriching and diverse. Engaging in the BA programme, I've had the opportunity to explore the dynamic intersection of global creative trends and the rich historical context of art. Experiential learning has not only broadened my understanding but has also allowed me to appreciate the global nuances within the creative industries, fostering a holistic approach to my studies.

Chang Reese Kwan Profile
Chen Fei Peng Kevin Profile

Chen Fei Peng Kevin

BA Year 2, major in General Linguistics

As a Year 2 student currently studying in the Bachelor of Arts programme at HKU, I chose to study Arts because, as a third-culture kid, I have been exposed to people from all walks of life. This exposure has led me to develop interests in arts and humanities, which are accompanied by passion, creativity, and versatility. Additionally, I am a Linguistics major and work as a Student Research Assistant in the Language Development Lab under the School of Humanities (Linguistics) for Sign Language projects.

Srivastava Shreyaa

BA Year 2, major in Global Creative Industries and Comparative Literature

I am currently studying Arts at HKU, with a major in Global Creative Industries and Comparative Literature, and a minor in Journalism and Media Studies. My learning experience here has provided me with insights into the intersection of creativity, culture, and business on a global scale. This programme has equipped me with a deep understanding of the diverse cultural, economic, and technological factors that shape creative industries across different countries and societies.

Shreyaa Profile
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