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Samuel Dic Sum Lai

BA 2017, majored in Comparative Literature and minored in Hong Kong Studies
PhD Candidate, SOAS, University of London

The Faculty of Arts' level of freedom enable students to explore various disciplines while balancing their personal pursuits outside of the classroom, truly realizing a comprehensive education.

My studies have given me the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of various facets of local culture, including literature, films, and cultural products, providing me with a solid foundation for my later academic pursuits. After graduation, my roles as a research and teaching assistant and part-time lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures further cemented my passion and led me to my current academic journey in Anthropology. My current PhD project focuses on Hong Kong foodway and specifically chachanteng (Tea Restaurant), whose ubiquity and history offer a lens into Hong Kong people's food choices, ways of life, and interpersonal relationships.


While my student hall and student organization experiences sparked my interest in my current discipline, the Faculty not only makes them possible for its flexibility and freedom, but it also serves as the backbone of my academic career, both as a student and a teacher/researcher. I am sure generations to come would find their days in the University fruitful and rewarding.

Margaret Ip

BA 2016, majored in Spanish
Trade Representative, Trade Commission of Chile in Hong Kong

Not everyone has their career path fully planned before entering tertiary education. Some of us are still figuring it out moments before submitting our applications, for reasons such as fear of making the wrong decision, balancing dreams and income, or following family expectations.

When I chose HKU Faculty of Arts, I didn't have a specific profession in mind. Instead, I stayed true to myself and enrolled in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, majoring in Spanish and American Studies.

Despite common perceptions, BA programs can be diverse. I had opportunities like business electives, a field trip to the USA, an internship at the Consulate of Argentina, and an exchange program in Spain. These experiences shaped my career, and now I promote Spanish language and business courses in Hong Kong universities as a Trade Representative for the Trade Commission of Chile.

As they say in Spanish, "el mundo es un pañuelo" (the world is a handkerchief!).

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Nakka Vahith Rishi

BA 2023, majored in History

Studying at the Faculty of Arts gave me a great deal of flexibility in choosing my path of study and also gave me the opportunity to learn many new skills and disciplines. I graduated with a major in History and a minor in the French language. In my four years at HKU, I was able to take courses such as Italian, Portuguese, Economics, Philosophy and Geography that were offered by both the Faculty of Arts and external faculties.

The Faculty of Arts is a vibrant community of world-class professors from all corners of the world and thoughtful, internationally minded students, many of whom have the capacity to play some part in solving some of the world's most pressing issues later in their career.

The faculty, and the university offered plenty of opportunities to learn out of the classroom. I was invited to participated in charitable initiatives and cultural events such as foreign film screenings, talks, and national day celebrations as a result of being a part of the Faculty of Arts and the University.

Anyone that wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of how our society works and wishes to acquire skills that will help them find study or work with an international focus will benefit from an education with the Faculty of Arts.

Joyce Yiu

BA 2018, majored in German
German and Geography Teacher at a Local Secondary School

As a proud graduate of the University of Hong Kong's School of Modern Languages and Cultures, I am now a dedicated teacher in a renowned secondary school.


Thanks to the exceptional program at HKU, I have strong language skills and a deep understanding of German-speaking cultures, which has contributed to my success in teaching German. Sharing the beauty of the language and fostering an appreciation for German culture among my students has been a truly rewarding experience.


The German program at HKU is known for its academic excellence, comprehensive curriculum, and well-rounded education that includes language proficiency, cultural immersion, and literary exploration.


The program opens doors to opportunities in academia, international relations, and personal growth, equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in fields such as language teaching, translation, diplomacy, or cultural exchange.

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Samir Leung

BA 2022, majored in Hong Kong Studies
DPhil Student in Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Oxford

Studying in HKU's Faculty of Arts has transformed my academic and personal growth, inspiring me to pursue a Ph.D. programme in Chinese literature at the University of Oxford.

The professors' accessibility and approachability have played a pivotal role in my journey, fostering an environment where ideas are exchanged freely and intellectual curiosity is encouraged.

The diverse academic environment has broadened my perspectives, exposing me to various cultures through field trips to critically analysing the socio-political dynamics of Hong Kong society via Canto-Pop and local movies. My majors have equipped me with the necessary tools to undertake advanced research in my chosen field. 

The faculty's unwavering support and invaluable mentorship have fuelled my passion and instilled in me a sense of purpose to contribute to the scholarly discourse on Hong Kong's cultural landscape.

Queenie Tang

BA 2022, majored in History and Chinese History, minored in Gender Studies

This educational journey allows me to reach beyond my own experiences and imagine worlds far distant in time and space. Amidst the turbulence of the pandemic, the unwavering support of my professors, the dedication of faculty staff members, and the generous backing of the History Endowment Foundation enabled me to embark on a transformative research trip to London for my capstone project. Exploring the intersections of Western history, gender dynamics, and Asian culture, this experience not only broadened my academic insights but also fostered connections with aspiring scholars from various backgrounds, igniting my creativity and honing essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving—skills that are invaluable in today's professional landscape.


Encouraged by the Faculty, I took a leap of faith and submitted my work to the prestigious Global Undergraduate Awards. To my delight, I was honoured as the Regional Winner—a testament to my dedication and passion throughout my years at the Faculty of Arts.


Armed with the knowledge, values, and skills nurtured through arts education, I embrace new challenges and pursued further studies in London. While exploring the world through academia, I have also actively engaged in various social initiatives, including representing UN Women UK at CSW67 and CSW68, where I advocated for democratic principles and contributed to enriching our economy and culture.

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Daniel Tsz-shing Lei

BA 2021, majored in Music
DPhil Student in Music, University of Oxford

I have embarked on a fascinating learning journey at HKU Arts because of the unconstrained curriculum that inspires students' all-rounded intellectual growth and broadens our horizons.


For a century, the faculty has been enlightening me and generations of students with virtues. It has also inspired us to fight for societal betterment, explore the unspoken truths of the world, and discern right from wrong.


During eras of uncertainty, the humanistic spirit that we gratefully acquired during undergraduate years here at HKU Arts remains unwaveringly certain and immutable, empowering us to live with sincerity.

HKU Summer Leadership Forum: Faculty of Arts Session

Professor Derek Collins discussed with our outstanding Arts alumni who work in a diverse range of career fields in and outside Hong Kong. He asked how their Arts undergraduate journey has prepared them to excel in their own fields, where they are now and where they hope to be in the future.  They have shared their stories and insights on how to prepare for the future and overcome challenges, as they continue to strive for success and aspire to positions of leadership.

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